Generation WI$E

For too long, members of Generation Y have been told that we are to be consumers first and foremost. With large amounts of discretionary income available for us to spend as we see fit, both corporations and the media have told us to spend first and forget about saving or investing our money. In short, Gen Y's are spending themselves into financial ruin without any clear plan of attack when it comes to saving and investing their money.

I'm ready to change all of that. I'm a 30 year old published author who has been in the workforce for four and a half years. I graduated with a B.S. in Finance from Louisiana State University, and earned my MBA from Loyola University New Orleans. I am only a few years removed from conducting a job search in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Like you, I'm aware that there are many challenges ahead and that it may not be easy finding a job. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the financial acumen and knowledge necessary to deal with life without an income, let alone the know-how of what to do with our money when we actually have a job. My goal is to take Generation Y's sometimes outdated perspective towards money through promoting the proper investing education that we sorely lacked in grade and high school.

When was the last time you learned about basic investing skills in high school or even college? Unless you majored in business, finance, or a related field, the odds are slim that you took any personal finance courses in college, let alone learned about such an important topic in high school. While some schools are starting to offer business classes where the basics of investing are taught, too often we are left abandoned by our educational system when it comes to basic knowledge of money and investing. Sure, we may learn how to balance a checkbook or possibly even how to budget, but when was the last time you took a high school class that taught you the ins and outs of stocks and bonds? Index funds? Asset allocation? Chances are, if you didn't learn about stocks and bonds in high school, you sure didn't learn about index funds and asset allocation.

Unfortunately, we need to know about all of these things if we are going to be financially secure as we grow older and have more money to manage from our careers, as well as how to manage it effectively when we start families.

So what's the good news? We are all still young enough where our lack of saving and investing knowledge in the past won't hurt us too much since we have plenty of years left to worry about implementing a financial plan. This website will help you get started both saving and investing - now - so that you will become a financially secure member of Generation WI$E

My goal is to transform Generation Y into Generation WI$E.